To Wax or Not to Wax??

Everything I've read or linked to up to this point has been advocating the use of dread wax - usually a beeswax product.

Here are some websites that say wax is unnecessary or even bad for dreads:

Comments from the article How to Make Dreadlocks by - be sure to read all 3 pages of comments - there's tons of opinions, advice and even a few recipes for accelerators, locking agents and light conditioners.

I found this page with lots of no wax talk too??

wow - there's definitely some differing advice - even some anti-backcombers too that say all natural is the way to go... just letting that shit knot up over the years!

HA. i can't see that going over real well in my world.... i wanted these dreadies yesterday so minimal waiting appeals to me.

AND if I decide to go with the non-waxin' backcombing advice, I could start that technique asap instead ordering and waiting for the pricey dread goods to arrive.

Hmmmm? What's a knotty girl to do??

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