Calorimetry...for the winter!

Hey dreadie mama's! It's gettin cold outside. Time to cover that nappy head and prevent the heat from escaping and the ears from getting frostbit! Are you knitting a warm tam? What about this pattern for a warm calorimetry? I heard about it from the tribe at and thought I'd share it here. I have one coming as a birthday present (that's right, I'm turning 31 this week) friend Zeb is knitting it for me! He says it's easy, as do the knitting mamas on mothering... I'm learning to knit..but definitely not ready to follow a pattern! It's my winter project! Anyway, cover those knotty heads!

"Duh, duh, duh duh....."

A bride? That's right! Mama C. is trying on gowns....I couldn't help but capture the moment!

Is that a dreadie on your head? Or are you just happy to see me?


Wow. I feel like such a knotty blog nazi for posting all the old pics but these are way too funny not to share!

In the beginning, there was one...

No turning back now!!
And I remember I stayed up almost the entire f'n night just to get half-a head done!

The Mess on My Head

Yak Love.

My Dreg is a funny man.
A rotten s.o.b. but very funny.

So we went to the zoo.

And Dreg took a picture of my animal look-a-like....

Yes. That is the ass of a yak.

The similarities are striking.

Fuck you Dreg.... you dirty yak fucker.

Love makes me want to yak.


Knotty Halloween Girls!!!

Mama C starring as Medusa!

Mama B as a cute little pirate faerie!

And Yes!

Green hairspray paint does wash out of dreadlocks....

I think.

On the Right Track but Going the Wrong Way!

Check out the little anarchist dreadie trying to get to the other side....
yo! little dread. life is just as nappy on the other side.
so go back!

What are those little white dots? F-in Roots!!

Oh my god - I look like a dude in this picture!!

I think this dilemma is for my dark haired nappy friends - not you blondie mamas....

:) so I've been looking at my hair close to my scalp wondering why the hell I still have some dandruff on my hair after I've just washed and the little white spots are HAIR ROOTS!

Like after the hair falls out and gets trapped in the dreadie, my strong like bull roots stay connected to the strand and you can see them - ugh. annoying.

Blondie's don't need to worry because they probably just blend in.

I too like Mama B am experiencing a few matted down helmet head spots but mine are on the sides..... cuz I'm a side sleeper. Mama B! I'm guessing you like to be on your back?


matted helmet head

Okay, so I've consulted with the dread tribe of mama's over at mothering dot commune about what to do with the matted, helmet head thing and the advice I got was to rip and roll.....that's right. Rip the hunks apart and palm roll, palm roll, palm roll. So, I've since started doing it and it hurts like hell, but you know what..through the tears, I do feel instant relief with each lock being freed. Really. Like maybe those locks are carrying tension and causing headaches and stuff. Ripping them apart really does feel good (in a painful kind of way), rip and roll mamas!