Here are those calorimetry pics I promised. This was a gift from my organic farming, knitting, all-around cool friend, Zeb! Thanks Zeb! Pattern was mentioned on MDC's dread thread (that's It really worked well keeping my head and ears warm this winter. I tried hat after hat and none really fit well over all this hair..but the calorimetry....kept me toasty! He made me a blue one too, but winter was over before I got to wear it. Next year!

In the car

My hair touches the ceiling! Nakai and I were waiting awhile and decided to play "picture takers" in the (see that red rash all over my face? I found out it is the new Seventh Gen laundry detergent....damn Bergamot!)

Skating, anyone?

Skating always makes me think of the 1980's for some always inspires me to dress the part... We had a good time. I had forgotten how much fun skating could be! And...the best part is that we helped raise some money for autism research!!

Looking old...

It just keeps happening...

Oh, and this is my standard hair "style" now...up! Why? because it is so loopy and going through some kind of "uncomfortable to be in public" phase. I'm hoping it evolves into something I'm okay vain of me, I know.