New Look

So, I regret to admit that I have officially been neglecting my locks. For real! No palm rolling going on on this head...not for some time now. And so...I have been experimenting with ways to conceal the growth and matted mess on days when I need to look professional or nice! Like for work or family parties, etc.... The other day, I grabbed my scarf and just wrapped it around my head. This was the result and I think I like it! For the back, I just kind of piled it up there and stuck a few bobby pins in the center to hold it. I heard lots of kind words that day, so it must've looked okay! What do you think?


Recycled Turtleneck neck...

Hey, it's recycled AND it's keeping all this hot hair out of my face...try it mamas...cut up your ten year old turtleneck worked for this Mama!



Here are those calorimetry pics I promised. This was a gift from my organic farming, knitting, all-around cool friend, Zeb! Thanks Zeb! Pattern was mentioned on MDC's dread thread (that's It really worked well keeping my head and ears warm this winter. I tried hat after hat and none really fit well over all this hair..but the calorimetry....kept me toasty! He made me a blue one too, but winter was over before I got to wear it. Next year!

In the car

My hair touches the ceiling! Nakai and I were waiting awhile and decided to play "picture takers" in the (see that red rash all over my face? I found out it is the new Seventh Gen laundry detergent....damn Bergamot!)

Skating, anyone?

Skating always makes me think of the 1980's for some always inspires me to dress the part... We had a good time. I had forgotten how much fun skating could be! And...the best part is that we helped raise some money for autism research!!

Looking old...

It just keeps happening...

Oh, and this is my standard hair "style" now...up! Why? because it is so loopy and going through some kind of "uncomfortable to be in public" phase. I'm hoping it evolves into something I'm okay vain of me, I know.



Fellow dreadie Mama blog!

Hey all,
So I was on MDC this evening and found out that we have a fellow dreadie Mama who is documenting her journey....and...
since I'm not able for some reason to add the blog to our links section (perhaps Mama C has to do that on this blog)...I thought I'd share it here before I forget it!

So, hurry on over and check out Mama Rylee at:

Her locks are so fun and she's adorable! Gotta love that...
and yes Rylee, we are geeks! (all of us:)

Hoodie Therapy for Dreadlocks

Been practicing the technique that I will loving label, Hoodie Therapy.  The method of living in the same hoodie for a week - hood up!  So that it one, comforts your cold soul and two, roughs up them dreadies and helps them lock up.
Very important to sleep in the hoodie at night too - remember - hood up!
This morning it was time to wash & roll.  In the shower of Dreg, I found I had 2 choices for soaping up my head:  the non lathering piece of crap soap bar from Wegmans or dollar general quality anti dandruff shampoo.
I went with the anti-D poo since my head has been a fucking flaky mess.... I know it was so not allnaturalme but the cheap soap was not pulling me into the land of cleanliness.
Trying to manifest the 7 dollars in fundage I need to buy my favorite soap - that Sandalwood bliss from Aubrey Organics!!  YUM....  but this week, 7 smackeroos is above my means.
It's 8 am, I'm all rolled up & air drying just waiting for the wee ones to wake!


Recent Hair Looks 4 Mama C

Holy Shit. I am so bad ass in this picture...

Fuck yeah - I've been spiking the front for the hell of it.

And then there's these other looks....

Thanks for the wrap Mama B!!

The wrap is working nicely to keep the nappy sprouts outta my face! Damn me though - I forgot to pack it and I'm without up here in NY :( grrrrrr....

How long does it take you to wash and dry YOUR hair?

So, after I wash (w/ Bronner's these days) and towel dry...I...separate all my hair into 4 sections.
I twist and palm roll each dread on my head....
it takes a super long time
still rolling...
When they've all been twisted and palm rolled, I start to blowdry.
gotta make sure those locks are dry inside.... don't want any mold in there:)
This part takes a long time too (on my head)
From wash to dry it takes me about two hours to achieve this....
with a LOT of this in between!

So, I'm very interested to know what your dready process is like...what happens after you shampoo? Coming into this hair style (lifestyle?) it seemed like a very low/no maintenance do.....but now...I think I've been mislead! I belong to the dread thread on MDC (that's and sometimes it seems like the mamas are rolling every day....what? To roll every lock on my head daily would take so long.... So, please...all the mamas out there...tell me what your rolling schedule is like. How often do you roll? Do you do the whole rip apart and roll each one after washing? And after all that rolling, do you still get the loopy crazy locks? No matter how much attention I pay to them, it seems that the loops and flat locks are going to be part of my future. I'm enjoying the journey and am trying to remain patient and just go with it, focus on the artistry of it all, but....ya gotta wonder sometimes.

Time to update the blog pics!

Okay, so it's been awhile since Mama B or Mama C have posted. You know, life and time for blogging, etc.. So, I decided it was time to post some new pics. I've been wearing the way up on top of my head ponytail with wrap look pretty often these days. Why? Well, because as my lovely locks progress and develop a mind of their own, they've turned loopy and crazy on me....somedays I'm okay with it, I can just let But others, I feel like I need to have some degree of control over the look I'm sporting. When I need to look respectable (ie: school visits, doctor's appointments, meetings, etc.) I typically look like this...
I recently even gave Mama C. a strip of fabric so she could try out the wrap look...Mama C..any pictures?


Crafty...or Crazy?

So...this is what I look like at 4a.m.!
Mama C: Look at MY anarchist dreadie...what's up with this hair?
P.s. i may have looked awful, but boy did I feel good:)

Holy Noses!

Mama B has a hole-y nose now!

Thanks, Tainted flesh!