TOD for Mama C 2:15 am

....thee official finishing time of dreads.




and really messy looking......

so I'm done....

now what?



Mama B goes to market

Okay, so this is how I'm looking lately. This humidity is keeping the frizz puff a constant thing to deal with. I mostly just let it be, though I'm always looking for scarves to wrap my head up in. Overall, I really dig my locks now! (and...I'm still not finished knotting up...I have 6 sections left. it just takes so much time and it's impossible to see that part of my head. I'll get there though. )


Mama B gets knotty at the Rainbow Gathering

You know, I was at the gathering for a total of six days total and it wasn't until the morning I was leaving that I finally found someone to knot up my head.... I was packing my bag and I put it down by a kitchen fire and my doggie flea comb fell out. A brother picked it up and said, "you lost your flea comb, sister." I thanked him and then explained that I'd been carrying it around all this time, hoping I could find someone to work on my head. He told me to sit down and he started working on it...ouch! Then, another dreaded brother came over and started palm rolling and working on the already done locks. I was in pain, but so excited! It was pouring down rain, so we all huddled around the fire for as long as possible....then, when it was time to go, I only had eight sections left! Yippee! I can finish those myself, right?

So, while we were sitting there, the younger brother says, "don't you hate the way your dreads smell in the rain?" To which I replied, "I don't think mine smell bad." and he said, "mine smell as bad as any other brother who hasn't washed his head in a year!" ...what? hasn't washed his head in a year? I told him I was of the mindset that washing your hair was a good thing, for hygiene's sake and to speed up the dreading process..... he just kind of looked at me and gave me the "peace out, sister" look! here are pics of my helpers! We all had a great time at the gathering and I can't wait to go to the next one! LUVIN YOU!!!!