Knotty Contemplation

So I'm still entertaining the idea of dreadlocks...

Being one of impulsive nature, I really feel like I must contemplate for a least a certain amount of time - just to make Sure it's what I'd like to do right now.

You see, I've always been a fan of dreadies and thought it would be fun to have them but my likes (and dislikes) honestly change every 5 minutes (sometimes) and being that locks are more of a permanent hair-do, I think it's very mature of me to think it over a bit.

But now this is funny - two nights ago when I was talking to my Dreggie about dreadies while he was in the shower, I seemed to have found myself backcombing a chunk of my hair as I chatted about maybe knottin' it up.

Hey -All that time I spent in Cosmo school *teasing* all those old lady roller sets will come in handy for locking up hair - cuz I can be a backcombing bitch!

So by the end of Dreg's shower time, I had started my "experimental lock" as I called it - just to see if I liked it.... theory on this is, if I likes one....perhaps an entire head full will tickle my fancy too! Now granted, this is theory and not science so I'll need to also think about.....

The Darker Side of Dreads!

You know, let's not be naive. Shit could go wrong. And this is me we're talking about so it's always a possibility that shit could go very very wrong. So undesirable outcomes to consider would be doing my head one way and then afterward wishing I would of done it this way or that.
Ummm...let's see, oh - having them just look like shit and hating them or getting bored with the look or feeling too grungy or getting bugs (hey just need to cover the bases here) or having to or wanting them gone and then I'm left with short-ass hair.

Now I've done and enjoyed the short hair looks before but lately I've not wanted short at all - I'm sorta digging long sexy hair - and I definitely do NOT dig the idea of not having hair to *hide* behind....because we all know that when you have short hair, there's nothing but face to look at. I haven't been having good face days lately (gettin' old and uglier by the minute) so I need hair.

But all the negative considerations aside....the verdict keeps looking like I need to go with the dreadlocks. Honestly, I've always wanted them so I should do it. It'll be perfect for next year when I turn 30 and everyone can think I'm having an early life crisis - which I may - what the hell - 30??? That's crazy nuts.


Hair that begs to be locked!!

Do you hear that?

It's my hair asking to be allowed to lock up - to get knotty -


My hair can get pretty nuts!

It's course and wiry and isn't a lot of fun to touch or let alone pet - (and I likes to be petted) unless I take the time to defy nature and use a straightening iron and oil it up good like this -

And I totally dig the straight look - it makes me *look* like a good little mommie - clean respectable...

Super slick!

And it sure does look perty - doesn't it?

Yeah - well - it's a big huge hair lie because

Most of the time,

it looks like this -

Which makes me very open to dreadlocks - which would be an improvement from my frizzy ass horse hair that I've been sporting these days :)