Hair that begs to be locked!!

Do you hear that?

It's my hair asking to be allowed to lock up - to get knotty -


My hair can get pretty nuts!

It's course and wiry and isn't a lot of fun to touch or let alone pet - (and I likes to be petted) unless I take the time to defy nature and use a straightening iron and oil it up good like this -

And I totally dig the straight look - it makes me *look* like a good little mommie - clean respectable...

Super slick!

And it sure does look perty - doesn't it?

Yeah - well - it's a big huge hair lie because

Most of the time,

it looks like this -

Which makes me very open to dreadlocks - which would be an improvement from my frizzy ass horse hair that I've been sporting these days :)

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