Time to update the blog pics!

Okay, so it's been awhile since Mama B or Mama C have posted. You know, life and all...no time for blogging, etc.. So, I decided it was time to post some new pics. I've been wearing the way up on top of my head ponytail with wrap look pretty often these days. Why? Well, because as my lovely locks progress and develop a mind of their own, they've turned loopy and crazy on me....somedays I'm okay with it, I can just let ..it...be..... But others, I feel like I need to have some degree of control over the look I'm sporting. When I need to look respectable (ie: school visits, doctor's appointments, meetings, etc.) I typically look like this...
I recently even gave Mama C. a strip of fabric so she could try out the wrap look...Mama C..any pictures?

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