Hoodie Therapy for Dreadlocks

Been practicing the technique that I will loving label, Hoodie Therapy.  The method of living in the same hoodie for a week - hood up!  So that it one, comforts your cold soul and two, roughs up them dreadies and helps them lock up.
Very important to sleep in the hoodie at night too - remember - hood up!
This morning it was time to wash & roll.  In the shower of Dreg, I found I had 2 choices for soaping up my head:  the non lathering piece of crap soap bar from Wegmans or dollar general quality anti dandruff shampoo.
I went with the anti-D poo since my head has been a fucking flaky mess.... I know it was so not allnaturalme but the cheap soap was not pulling me into the land of cleanliness.
Trying to manifest the 7 dollars in fundage I need to buy my favorite soap - that Sandalwood bliss from Aubrey Organics!!  YUM....  but this week, 7 smackeroos is above my means.
It's 8 am, I'm all rolled up & air drying just waiting for the wee ones to wake!

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hair techs said...

hey cute blog, if you ever get tired of being knotty you can de-knot with the take down remover system and save all your hair. So at least the hoodie will still be useful!