What are those little white dots? F-in Roots!!

Oh my god - I look like a dude in this picture!!

I think this dilemma is for my dark haired nappy friends - not you blondie mamas....

:) so I've been looking at my hair close to my scalp wondering why the hell I still have some dandruff on my hair after I've just washed and the little white spots are HAIR ROOTS!

Like after the hair falls out and gets trapped in the dreadie, my strong like bull roots stay connected to the strand and you can see them - ugh. annoying.

Blondie's don't need to worry because they probably just blend in.

I too like Mama B am experiencing a few matted down helmet head spots but mine are on the sides..... cuz I'm a side sleeper. Mama B! I'm guessing you like to be on your back?

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