Thanks for helping me get knotty, Mama C!

I cannot tell you all how much I love my devoted Mama friend! We began the process right after bedtime...around 9:30pm...and it is now 2:22 and I've just walked in my door. Did we finish? Hell No! Mama C, backcombing bitch that she is, ratted my hair and ratted and took a break to nurse the wee one and drank some chai and then got right back to the ratting....and almost finished the back of my head. We still have one layer left in the back and both sides and front! Wow! I definitely think the 4-8 hour time estimate on the knotty boy website was an optimistic one. I do have a ton of hair though..that shit is thick!
So, we took some pics of the process and I'll try and post them sometime tomorrow. Please excuse the stupid looks on both of our faces, we seemed to get more and more loopy as the night went on! We really needed a professional cameraman to document the progress...but, Ayden really needed to sleep. Just kidding, we wouldn't really wake up a five year old and force him into slave labor in the middle of the night!
You know, I'm going to say one more thing and then I'm so going to bed....Thanks to mama Sara on Mothering.commune for the loofah tip! It really did come in handy getting this fine mop of mine to fluff up....we wondered what the loofah was for!
Alright, goodnight to all. I love my locks and just hope they don't get f***** up during the night! We'll see.

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