How do you wear this hair to a bday party?

So, the children were invited to a swimming party for a friend in the hood and I had already committed to going, before I started locking it up. On the way there, I was trying to decide how to wrap it so it wouldn't look half done and my very "9" daughter said to me, " Mom, I want you to cover aren't going to embarrass me in front of everyone!" Ahh, adolescence...I remember the days of being embarrassed by my folks, but man, I didn't think we were there yet. Anyway, I wrapped the scarf around my head so none of the locks really showed. She said it was satisfactory and I could get out of the car. Thanks, Teah. What she doesn't realize it that I'm positive that I'll embarrass her many more times and over things much more important than the way I choose to wear my hair!

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